Hotel Ivan, Bol, Brac island, Croatia



Hotel Ivan, Bol, Brac, Croatia, MassagesMassage is known and recognized as a method of prevention, treatment and removal of various negative physical symptoms. Massage relaxes the body, mind and spirit.

Deep relaxation of body and mind allows the body to release stress, fatigue, toxins, muscle pain, tension in the neck and shoulders. It helps to improve the flow of oxygen to the organs and definitly has a excellent effect to circulation.

Our professional therapists will take care of you. They will advise you which massage treatment would be the best for you.

In a quiet, peaceful and pleasant environment we offer different types of massage:

  • medical massage
  • aromassage
  • sports massage
  • anti-cellulite massage with ultrasound cellulite removal

Try this unique luxury treatment and allow us to bring you a ray of joy and pleasure in your life. Enjoy the moment of relaxation, celebrate life and its beauty.

Mens sana in corpore sano!